District Councillors, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Caldecote Pumping Station

It is an open secret that Pumping Station is not functioning as well as it should, particularly during the wet weather when there have been occasions when foul water from the station has overflowed onto the Main street. Anglian Water, who own and maintain the station insist there is nothing wrong and its capacity is sufficient.

This denial by Anglian Water ignores the fact that AW have had to send out tankers to pump out foul water from the station at the times when it has overflowed. They’ve also had to clean up the foul mess left on the Main street as a result of the overflow.

The proposal by Banner Homes to build out the proposed new development is based on the assurances given by AW that “the foul drainage from the development can be accommodated within the existing sewerage system“. In other words, AW is saying “everything is ok, no problems at all”.

If anyone has any information or evidence that would enable us to put a stronger case to AW to get them to have another look at the capacity issues, then please feel free to contact me here. Such information would include stuff like incident reports, notes of dates/times when the station has overflowed or residents have noted AW tankers pumping out the station, photographs  etc.etc. You may also wish to give witness statements as appropriate.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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